The Traders Room

An ultimate user interface and experience for traders to handle all the relevant functions needed to provide the necessary tools for trading success.

We are proud to announce that after months of development, we have built a bespoke, MT4 integrated Traders Room for FX Brokers to offer to their clients.

  • Financial overview per trading account
  • MT group mapping – leverage, language, account type & currency
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Auto deposit functions (MT4 + CRM)
  • Personal details function
  • Investor login option
  • Print, download and Save Option for all Client area functions
  • Provided translations
  • CRM Integrated support desk
  • Account verification
  • Auto set client area to ‘read only’ for non-verified traders or Investors
  • Full wallet Payment gateways (alternative payments) included in integration
  • Withdrawal Requests (Automated Or Manual)
  • Transaction history
  • Leverage change requests
  • Trading history
  • Forgot / Change password
  • Automatic email Templates
  • Verification of documents (via CRM)
  • IB trader tracking and Data


FX Broker Bespoke CRM

Our bespoke CRM platform is tailored to FX Brokers & accessible via any website browser and from anywhere. It provides a different user interface with varied permissions for the different available rolls within your brokerage e.g. Managers, Sales, Retention and per language.

Fully integrated with both our Traders Room Platform AND Metatrader4 (inc. Manager), our CRM offers all the functions needed to run your brokerage successfully and includes many additional functions you will find useful as your business further develops and grows.

  • Quick Graph Views
  • Leads & Sales functions
  • Live & Demo Account functions
  • Marketing functions
  • IB functions
  • MT4 account details integration
  • Automatic email templates
  • Existing MT4 account users function
  • User permission and Rolls
  • PBX & Viop Integrated Solutions
  • Task Manager
  • Email Templates
  • Monitor user activity
  • Document Verification function
  • Traders Room Activation / Deactivation function
  • Deposit & Withdrawal verification function