Whether you’re a new start-up broker, an existing Brokerage now looking to take the next step, or an aspiring white-label, your most informative first step, is to talk with the experts at Forex Consultancy Group (FC Group). Our message is simple; you do not need to employ a full office of experts in all the different areas of ‘Forex Broker Business’. Start-up brokers can seldom afford the overhead of multiple wages and we are looking to cut your costs and maximize profits. Cliché as it might sound, it really is that simple.

"We understand that your business model’s uniqueness is not for sale; not to us and not to anyone, but what we understand even better still, is how to tap into your vision and offer high quality consultation and services, instrumental in helping you achieve success."
- Mr David, CEO
Consultancy services

We offer consultancy packages ranging from initial consultations introducing clients into the industry, to a full tailored consultancy starter package which allows us to understand fully your business needs and goals, conduct the relevant research and present our findings and recommendations. We also offer full annual consultancy contracts and work with your side by side in growing your business year after year.